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The school pioneered the teaching and practice of windsurfing since the early 80's when Tarifa was still a fishing town. The school hosted numerous championships with participation of the best names in this sport in the last 30 years.

Since 1999 the school has also been well known for the teaching and practice of kitesurfing; a sport that has grown dramatically to become the most popular activity of Tarifa. For this reason the school has a team of dedicated instructors that provide personalised tuition whilst paying particular attention to SAFETY.

All the instructors are highly experienced and fully qualified. The school is multilingual and tuition can be offered in several languages including Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Polish and Russian.


There is a wide variety of COURSES that cater for everybody from the beginner to the more advanced kiter that wants to improve his technique. The school also rents THE LATEST equipment for kitesurfing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and wake boarding. All the equipment is updated yearly.

The lessons can be:


Lessons KiteSurf
Private Lesson
2 Hours. 150,00€
Boat Private Lesson
1 Hour. Private. All inclusive. 160,00€

*Prices per person


The introductory courses will be made kite lines 2 and 4 according to the skills of the students:

The objectives of the courses depends on the progression and potential of each student. We have a range of courses designed for each student and their needs.

Kite courses will only be made if weather conditions are suitable for safe practice. At the end of the course is given a corresponding level IKO certification.


WindSurf Courses
Group Lessons
2 Hours 60,00€
Private Lessons
1 Hour   80,00€

*Price per person.


The introductory courses can only be made ​​if weather conditions are suitable.

The classes will be by radio communication.


WakeBoard Courses
1/2 Hour 75,00€

*Prices per person.


Surf Courses
Mini Courses
1 Hour Toach & Try 40,00€
1 Hour Private 60,00€

*Price per person.



Airush Kites with the new models (DNA, Lithium, Wave).


Starboard boards and Severne sails.


Wetsuits, harnesses, life jackets/impact vest and helmets with radio transmission.

Other Facilities

The school has 2 zodiac boats and a jetski for sea rescue. The boats are also used for OFF-SHORE LESSONS when the wind conditions are not ideal for the practice of kitesurfing close to the beach.

Depending on the weather conditions and always thinking about your SAFETY, the 1st lesson is given on the dedicated area of the beach located in front of the school. Here we will teach you all the theory , safety rules, kite assembling, kite safety rescue and of course how to fly the kite. When your kite skills are good then you enter the water to do "body dragging". For this stage you are in the water with your kite whilst the instructor is along side you giving you instructions via the radio helmet system.

Sometimes with the LEVANTE wind (easterly and off shore) the lessons are given with the boat and 2 instructors. These lessons are very intensive; but because the wind conditions are often perfect off shore and there is no disturbances from other kiters; the learning process is very fast , safe and worthwhile (currently no other kite school in Tarifa is able to provide this teaching system). One instructor will take you off shore on the boat whilst the other instructor follows the boat with the kite and the board. Once off shore, the kite and board is passed to you and the 2 instructors assist you all the time via the radio helmet.

The School has shower, changing room, colarium and access to the Dos Mares' Beach Restaurant.

Ctra. N 340, Km 79,5 - 11380 Tarifa (Cádiz)
Phone: (+34) 956 684 035 (+34) 956 680 090 Fax: (+34) 956 681 078

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